Benetic brings the retirement plan community together

Benetic knows each retirement industry player has different needs.

Who are you?


Benetic recognizes that advisors and consultants bring great value to their clients.

We put advisors and consultants at the center of everything we do.
Benetic does not serve as an advisor or consultant.

Advisors and consultants can pass on our competitive fund pricing to benefit their clients.
Benetic's automation of selecting vendor services, monitoring, and maintenance reduces the time and effort needed for advisors and consultants to help their clients.

We don't try to put each advisor and consultant in a box decided as "best practice." Instead, we let you choose - whether through quick start questions or through in-the-weeds item-by-item decisions how you want to pick a recordkeeper, change existing services, select an investment fund, or pick your wellness solutions.

Benetic provides data to you and your team about what you're doing and how it impacts your clients.



Benetic appreciates that recordkeeping is at the center of all retirement plans.

Benetic is not a recordkeeper. We complement recordkeepers with cost-reducing workflow automation and instant market access to new advisors.

As fees have compressed, recordkeepers are constantly under pressure to provide more for less. Benetic is here to help.




Benetic knows investments are the core of a sound retirement.

Benetic does not manage money and looks to asset managers of all kinds - whether the largest of the large money managers or individual registered investment advisors managing a portfolio - for this expertise.

We work with you to obtain valuable pricing for our advisor and consultant users. However, this relationship is not one-sided. In addition to the visibility into Benetic's users, our team's extensive background from some of the largest data-analytics companies in the world allows us to provide insights that help you better design and target your investment solutions and your engagement with advisors and consultants.


The Retirement industry has long wondered if the leading disruptive technology companies would turn their focus to retirement. It hasn't happened.

Instead, Benetic, backed by industry leaders in fintech and venture capital, brings the knowledge of these disruptors to the retirement industry and fuses them with the insights and expertise of leading retirement industry insiders.

Benetic supports retirement service providers with a neutral and transparent platform showcasing the value they provide to retirement plans and each other.

Benetic's automation of time-intensive processes enhances the interactions among Advisors, Asset Managers, Consultants, Recordkeepers, and other vendors. All parties save time by accessing the industry's most comprehensive set of analytical and benchmarking data based on actual market activity in real-time.

Benetic's technology manages at the core of pricing, data schema, and flexible pre-approved contracts to significantly speed up interactions with its dynamic pricing engine and pre-approved models, resulting in business growth with less effort for everyone and enhanced outcomes for plan sponsors and their participants.

Whether a benefit plan is simple or complex in design or pricing strategy, Benetic provides efficiency and improved market access to solution providers and advisors.


Industry veterans with decades of legal, technical, and retirement expertise created Benetic to improve value delivery for all service providers. Benetic was conceived by one of the industry's leading ERISA attorneys, who recognized everyone's need for a more efficient solution to doing business. Our technology team is lead by some of the top computer scientists from MIT who built their careers at the leading Internet and venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. Our operations team brings decades of hands-on experience at recordkeepers and asset management firms. Together, Benetic uniquely combines the insight, expertise, and ability to deliver a revolutionary solution to the retirement industry.


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